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How To Be An Escort

Maybe you’ve always been curious about becoming an escort or perhaps it’s something you’ve recently heard about and you’d like to find out more. Perhaps you’ve done dancing and stripping before or have been making money doing live cam work and you’d like to explore escorting in person with clients. The appeal of escorting is obvious; you can be your own boss, work hours that suit you and successful escorts can command an attractive fee for their services. Having said that, it isn’t automatically going to be a cinch to immediately start making a huge salary if you decide to start escorting. 

The question, then, is how to be an escort in a way that suits your lifestyle and the way you want to work while also attracting clients and managing your own business successfully. In this blog post, we break down the key things you need to consider before becoming an escort, including defining exactly what escorting is, and identifying the most effective ways to get ahead when advertising your services and creating an online profile.

What is an escort?

First things first, let’s define what escorting is. Escorts are service providers who offer companionship and intimacy to paying clients. They offer a high-end, sophisticated experience, perfect for customers visiting town on business. They also offer a long-term experience involving friendship and an emotional bond. Escorts are often engaged for a whole evening, a weekend or even a week-long trip, rather than just a few hours. 

How to become an escort 

There is no one ‘look’ that makes for a popular escort; bubbly redheads, petite blondes, tall brunettes, classic beauties and alternative types can all enjoy success working as an escort. The profession is also open to men, women and non-binary people. Successful escorts can spark a connection with clients, intuiting what kind of experience they want, and provide a fantasy for them. 

Before you can start escorting, you need to establish a niche based on your appearance and personality, effectively market yourself with an alluring online presence, and be able to articulate what spending time with you will be like for a client. As a great escort, you can offer an escape, an oasis away from the stress of life and an unforgettable time with your client.  

Can I be a male escort?

Absolutely! While the industry is dominated by male clients looking for female escorts, this is far from the sole kind of companionship people are looking for. Male escorts can offer an attractive proposition for clients of all ages. As a male escort, you might leverage an imposing and athletic physique, or perhaps you’ll offer scintillating conversation and a love of the arts. Whatever the case, you’ll find plenty of demand for male escorts who know how to make their clients feel relaxed and at ease. 


What do incall and outcall mean? 

Setting up your own escort business is like any other business – you need to decide what boundaries and limits you will set for yourself to feel comfortable and deliver a great service. One of the things you’ll need to decide on when considering becoming an escort is whether you’ll offer incalls, outcalls or both.

Incalls are when a client visits you – either at your home or business – and receives services there. You’ll be expected to meet the client wherever they’re based for outcalls. That might be at a residence, a hotel or it may involve going out to a restaurant or bar as part of the evening. There are upsides and downsides to both. Incalls can offer you and your clients more privacy, but it can be a barrier for some clients depending on your location. Escorts are often hired to provide a lot more than just physical connection, so accepting outcalls may help you to establish a rapport with clients, giving them a date night experience that creates a more memorable impression they’ll want to repeat. Incalls allow you to control your environment for a session, but outcalls can give you a good environment to get to know a client with less pressure. Ultimately, whether you decide to do incalls or outcalls (or both) comes down to personal preference. Whatever you choose to offer, make sure to clearly communicate this with clients so everyone’s on the same page. 


Escort vs. prostitute – what’s the difference?

Escorting and prostitution are often used interchangeably, and they both fall under the umbrella term of sex work. Sometimes, the line between the two professions can be blurred, and certain individuals may prefer one term over another. Generally, a prostitute is paid to engage exclusively in sexual activity. By comparison, escorts can offer a variety of services as part of the experience; physical touch and intimacy (not just sex), companionship, an emotional connection and a social aspect.

Having sex with clients is just one part of what escorting is. In reality, there are many elements to the job, with the most successful escorts creating a strong connection with their clients that extends beyond sexual activity. Charismatic, friendly people make excellent and engaging escorts because they put their clients at ease and fulfil their fantasy of forming an emotional bond with a young, beautiful woman. Making sure your clients laugh, feel relaxed, and enjoy their time outside of any erotic encounter is essential. 


Other factors to consider before becoming an escort

  • The standard rate you’ll charge Deciding what you will charge per hour is an important first step to becoming an escort. Looking at other profiles of escorts in a similar area to you can help determine this rate, but bear in mind that your look, level of experience, and what kind of dates you’ll offer will need to be factored into your pricing.
  • How you will present yourself Speaking of looks, having a strong aesthetic and detailed approach to beauty is essential for escorting. Will you be a fresh, bubbly ingenue, a cultural sophisticate or a mysterious femme fatale? Whatever you choose, it’s important to maintain a consistent image and create a narrative around your look that clients can feel drawn to. Taking care of yourself and maintaining your hair, makeup and body is also important. 

  • Photography Once you’ve developed your persona and appeal, investing in quality photography to show off your best side and give clients an impression of you will help you to stand out from the crowd. You can also powerfully communicate the kind of companionship you’ll be offering through photography.

  • Your limits and the services you will offer Will you offer incalls? Outcalls? A combination of both? Do you prefer dates that last a few hours or more extended time with companions? Deciding all of this from the outset will help you in the long run, and not just because you’ll be able to decide on your boundaries and what you’re comfortable with. An upfront approach can also help you have an honest conversation with potential clients, establish boundaries — including what your time together will look like — and help you better cater to their needs. 

  • Whether you’ll be independent or choose to work with an agency Agencies can take care of some logistical elements for you as an escort, but they can also limit your choices and will require financial compensation in exchange for your involvement with them. However, working independently may allow you more freedom, but it may take longer to establish a profile and find a network of clients to work with. Independent escorts can use escorting service sites like Taylor Hilton to boost their profile and find clients seeking companionship in specific regions.

  • Your aspirations for escorting Before you get started, set out your goals for escorting, a timeline for your work and what you’d like to get out of the experience. Is this going to be a part-time gig that compliments other income you receive, or are you looking to make escorting your career? Plan your hours, invest in your appearance and financial goals accordingly, and keep checking in with these goals to make sure you’re achieving what you want from your work. 

How to start an escort service 

So, you’ve decided on a persona, curated a strong look, and settled on the kind of companionship experience you want to offer. You’re confident in your communication skills and charisma and think you can form a great connection with new people in a short amount of time. It sounds as though you’re ready to become an escort! So, what’s next? 

Advertising your services and putting your persona out there will be key in finding clients and developing a network of customers. If you want your profile to appear with a luxury, high-end, discreet service, look no further than Taylor Hilton. Register your profile now, and you’ll be able to stand out in our carefully hand-selected range of high-quality profiles.



How To Be An Escort

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